My mind exists in several places. When it sees what is before me it is in a cloudy haze. When I sit back and my thoughts overwhelm me and I no longer see or hear, I am part of many things at once.

Knee-high underbrush and branches tearing at my skin.

Ice cream and hotdogs on a checkered red tablecloth, bathed in the faint smell of fresh grass and old gasoline.

Sixty degree fall nights and hundred-twenty degree summer days.

The dark wooden planks of an old house in the morning, where a fresh apple pie waits on a hand-lathed table.

Chilled wind under moonlight, dancing with dried leaves before a sightless audience.

Cacophonous echoes of the lake’s ice sheets yielding to the spring.

The part of the forest you can never see over the next hill.

A bike path rolling through yellow flowers and electrical towers.

The body of the dying on an altar of stone beneath a starry sky.

Friends who never liked me and kindred spirits I will never meet.

The embrace of my one true love.

I am a proud pansexual, atheist, and biological feminist, a socialist on my worst days and a communist on my best. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do the artificial crap that people love. Reading this you surely know that I love architecture, interior design, and literature. I believe in rewarding intellectuals and hard workers, both of which are dying out. I believe in applied science, and never study anything in theory alone. I believe in concentrating emotion and thought, and that I am as close to an Illithid as reality can allow.

I’m happy. But I am lonely. If I followed you, I am almost certainly more interested in you than your content. I’ve fought a lot of battles, especially in the areas of psychology, sexuality, and sociology, and I will gladly speak with anyone going through the same.

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